Let It Snow Black Chihuahua Dog Christmas T-shirt

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Let It Snow Black Chihuahua Dog Christmas T-shirt . heavenshirt Living in Palo Alto may have influenced us to like nice things, but it’s also influenced us to pursue our dreams. I’m almost positive that every one of my friends would choose to work (even if they didn’t need to), because we’re ambitious people. We have huge career goals for ourselves and we will stop nowhere short of accomplishing them. Not every teenager gets their own iPhone and laptop, but at the  but I will buy this shirt and I will love this same time, the average teenager comes nowhere near to exhibiting the level of hard work and dedication that a Palo Alto teen does. Most people surrounding you are very smart and educated. Kids that grow up here have very high educational standards. They strive to be the very best, and while many times that leads to unbearable stress, it also leads to incredibly innovative and intelligent teenagers. This is especially true for people interested in STEM based jobs. Plenty teens have internships at UCSF and Stanford.

Let It Snow Black Chihuahua Dog Christmas T-shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Let It Snow Black Chihuahua Dog Christmas T-shirt
Classic Men’s
Let It Snow Black Chihuahua Dog Christmas T-shirt . heavenshirt There are also plenty of other programs in the area; Stanford has a few summer programs and internship availabilities for teens interested in scientific research and medicine. Silicon Valley is also very active and many kids participate in club sports. They’re so caught up in getting As that they have no clue what makes them happy. Most of the students here don’t even have real friends; if you look at some of these high schools during lunch time, 70% of the students will be sitting on the grass in small circular groups, eyes glued to their phones, small talk occurring every few minutes. Most of these students don’t have many (if any) real friends, because how can you be friends with someone you’re competing against? How can you be a true friend to someone, when every time they get a better grade than you, your jealousy overcomes how much you care for them. How can you be a true friend to someone, when every time you have to submit an assignment, or have a test, you pray they do poorly, because their failures mean all the more chance of you getting into your dream college. How can you be a true friend to someone, when you can’t even tell them your top college choices because you don’t want them to apply and take your spot. When a community like Silicon Valley expects so much of its teenagers, how can you possibly expect them to be themselves?
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